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Aunt Marti

Good luck, and remember, the race is not to the swift. I added the "Track a Runner" site to my bookmarks -- so I'll be cheering you on from Colorado Springs!


You go girl!

Tell Aunt Marti she can sign up for SMS or email messages, rather than having to go to the site.

What a cool system! I got our first cell phone (cough-cough) when hubby was running Boston and I was wacking around the city with a toddler in a stroller. Ostensibly so they could reach me if he collapsed. He didn't, and it was rather an excuse for our first cell. But I'd surely have loved to have this service.

Boston is harder to see a runner during the race because of the route. When he ran the MCM it was easier because of the way the course looped (including past the damaged Pentagon) - don't know if it is still the same. He ran the MCM in 2001 - yes, a month-ish after 9/11. He ran part of the way with a female Marine, and he commented on the Huey overhead. Her answer - "Yes, we're a big target". I grew up in DC, and while not what I would call scary (I've visited Israel and seen the security there) it was startling to have the concrete barriers sprout around the White House and Capital, and have bags searched going into the Smithsonian on that trip.

Husband was never in the military, but when he wears the shirt from that year (dark green mock-neck, long sleeves) invariably someone will come up to him and ask him about his military service. No, he doesn't BS them, but he does tell them what a thrill it was to run that race, and especially that year, since there was some discussion of cancelling it.

He's run Boston twice, NY, Columbus several times, MCM. He's done with races longer than about a 10K, but still loves to cheer for those still doing the longer ones.

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