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Sue H

Everything happens for a reason! Sounds like a wonderful home for Tipper. Fingers crossed she's happy there!


This post warmed my heart :-) I hope all goes well with Tipper's new home. Its great that their serious by spending time thinking about it then intruducing her to their other dogs. So many people rush into adopting dogs but don't always think if it would be a good match for the commitment involved. I can't wait to hear if everything goes well with Tipper and her possible permanent family after the trial period.


Maybe Tipper will be less anxious with her new doggie siblings around.


Sounds like you've found a great home for Tipper. I just grabbed a handful of older magazines from the library for the trip to take our daughter back to college, and in one of the Quilter's Newsletter issues (I think it was) there were some personal profiles. One of them was from someone who makes quilts for the "seniors" at the shelter she supports, and she commented about older pets and what people are looking for when they adopt. Often they are not chosen, so I thought of Tipper when I read it.

Oh, and I like the hat pattern, and you aren't the only one lamenting the demise of Calmer.

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