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Sorry to hear you were under the weather. Gee, what does that mean in aviation? Maybe what it sounds like?

I know how hard it is to choose to put a pet down. Harvey does look like he'll be glad to occupy you. At first glance (coloring, mostly) he looks like our male Korat (Ash, named after the Pokemon character by our daughter, whose cat he is supposed to be but she's at college, who weighs 12 and a half pounds), who succeeded a female Korat (who weighed 4 pounds). Quite a shock as he grew into the horse that he is. His nickname is Fido - because he behaves more like a dog in many ways, than a cat, and outweighs some smaller dogs.

I can't even imagine how busy you are. I can't remember which Heinlein story it was (Starship Troopers?) where the main character goes back for some type of additional leadership training and shares an orderly to handle all of the minutiae that he clearly must have learned early on - because otherwise he wouldn't have enough time for what he was there for.

Take care, and keep us posted when you can.


Oh, Monterey--I am soooo jealous! is the bookstore at the Naval Postgraduate School still awesome? Is the roller rink still there?

(Spent nine months in Monterey at DLI in 1976.)



Good to see you back,I hope you enjoy California, I am sure there are lots of nice places to see.
Sorry to hear about you not being well and having to say goodbye to Stormy. It looks like Harvey has made himself at home pretty quick, they are like 2 year old kids, never a dull moment and allways good for a laugh !
If you have an enormous amount of reading to cope with, would it be any use doing a speed reading course?
You were so lucky to have your Mum stay awhile, right when she needed a place to chill for a few days and you needed some Mum time when you weren't well.

Socks....socks, what is it with socks ? I have knitted 3 pairs for myself and we don't get snow here, also I have knitted 3 pairs for friends here and 2 pairs for a friend who lives in a "snowy" part of France, I think it is the fact that you can see progress on the work , they are good to take along and a pair is all finished pretty quickly.I just love making them and buy sock yarn whenever I see it on sale, I suppose it is partly that people LOVE getting them because mostly you can't buy hand made socks.


So sorry to hear you had been sick, and that you lost Stormy. It's always rough to lose our furry friends, but harder when you are already under the weather. Glad that Harvey has joined your family.

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