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Really enjoyed reading this entry... What a week!!!


This last line meant so much to me . . . "my last day at sea, from rough seas to shelter under the Bay Bridge." How poetic and profound . . . when we reach the end of our tour, we go from rough seas to shelter . . . Thank you Shanti for sharing with us all a glimpse of life and adventure at sea through you eyes. And welcome home to calm seas and shelter. I can't wait to see what adventures still await you . . .


I don't get it, you are young, strong and healthy......have trained and studied for years and have "a shipload" of experience, not to mention, it would seem, you do your job very well and now you won't be going to sea ???
You love your work and lead your crew to function to your high expectations.

"If it ain't broke, don't fix it!"

I know you will go on to bigger and better things and advance your career,but there is heaps of time in the future for that.
It is like pulling a gold medal swimmer out of competition at 21, and saying "you can now be an ambassador for the sport or a trainer or administrator, but you are done swimming"

So sorry you will miss being at sea and with your "guys"

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