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I can only imagine how bittersweet this end of tour is on the Decatur. It's been wonderful following along... so it must be that much more amazing being the Captain of the ship!

I will confess, though, I'm happy that you'll be back on the East Coast. Maybe we'll get to see each other more!

LOVE the quilt. It's really adorable. What a fabulous gift!


I've enjoyed your blog so much over the past couple of years; you've given real faces and voices to people who serve in the military. Your archives and photographs should be required reading for all young women looking for career satisfaction, leadership and the integration of other personal interests in life.

Best wishes to you as your tours change.


I'm sure leaving Decatur will be a wrench.

But I grew up in the DC area and love it still, except for the traffic. The Metro was no help when I lived there, though.

I'm sure your new colleagues will help you find things to do in the area, but I'm always willing to put my 2 cents in.


Great job-- both at quilting, and at defending the nation from enemies- foreign and domestic.


...and welcome back!


How long does war college last?


Wow, what a lot of mixed feelings you must have about moving on, hope you enjoy the next step, but goodness what can compare to what you have just been doing?
Your machine quilting is coming along well, a very handy skill to have, and those colours are beautiful, I used them for cushions,in my living room, to brighten it up for the Summer,Pink and Lime green.....Yummmmm

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