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Go to a college campus in the part of the country with snow (but not all the way north) and see the students in parkas and flip-flops!


I could suggest other songs to get stuck in your head instead...

Shanti's Mommy

I am not officially dying to go to Alaska. Someday I will get there!

Shanti's Mommy

Oops ... I meant I AM officially dying to go to Alaska. My brain must have been trying to remind me that there is both cold and snow there ... both four letter words.


Further regarding 'warm' weather -

When we were on a cruise in Alaska, we were in Skagway (I think) when they had a 'heat wave'. It was 80 degrees, and they don't have AC. All the stores had their doors wide open, and no one could remember when it had last been that hot. Just our luck to be there that day. It was certainly the warmest weather we saw the whole trip.

Helle K. Berry

Love the photos, of course!
I was fortunate to have a week long business trip to Alaska, back when my sailor son was in kindergarten. Carl came with me to Anchorage, we stayed in a cabin in Girdwood, he went to a private school while and I worked and we played late into the night as the sun is out almost all night while we were there in late May. And it was salmon season, so we saw leaping, running salmon.
Wonderful memories of a beautiful land.
Thanks for sharing yours, Shanti!

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