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If our cats are any indication, they get over that interest eventually. In the meantime, do be careful that the cat isn't in the machine before you toss in some clothes!!


When we first got ours, our granddaughter went and got her drink and a stool and sat and watched it for an hour!


I have had a front loader for more than 12 years (love it) and they certainly do fascinate babies and young children.They also do a great wash and are gentle on your clothes.
Always put bras into a wash bag, as the wires can cause major problems if they get loose.


When we first got our front loader, they told us to wash clothes first in plain water, which we did. Both hubby and I were fascinated by how much suds we got with no soap! If you could have seen us - we looked like we were watching an old-fashioned round screen TV!

Beware too much soap or fabric softener! The non-HE ones have additives to make them suds because that is what people expect detergents to do, but in a front-loader you don't want all the suds.

But I think the major brands vastly overcharge for their HE detergent. My favorite for some time has been Charlie's Soap, from their website or Amazon or anywhere else if it is cheaper. I use powder for most laundry, their laundry liquid for pre-spotter, and their cleaner for various things, sometimes also as pre-spotter if I'm out of the laundry liquid. And I always order enough to get a discount or free shipping.


There is no such thing as HE fabric softener, which I think I implied. You don't need very much for a full load - never mind the size of the dispenser cup - on mine it is way big.

Also on mine, they say you can't use liquid in the pre-wash cup or liquid in the main cup on delay. I've taken two small plastic cups - caps from things like hair mousse - and put them in those areas. The water coming in washes whatever you've put in them out of those cups, and it works great, for any additive or soap. You may also find that filling the built-in bleach cup is too much, if you use it, so just experiment.


Keep the door open in between uses so it an air out. If you keep it closed - especially in warmer months - you can end up with mold and mildew in the drum.

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