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What a fine looking group!

We have been to the Memorial, but it is now some years ago. I never knew they did this kind of thing there.

I am a DC native, and remember well the controversy about the Vietnam Memorial, and still think that given the conflicted nature of that war, it was entirely fitting. The later reactions to that memorial, I think validated it. This picture makes me think of that, and I wonder how long that part of the Memorial has been there. I can't quite make out the date on it from the photos on the Memorial website.

Please convey to your crew our gratitude for their service to our country, and our best wishes to your reenlistee.


I still can not get used to the new uniforms. I thought some were Marines at first glance. How do your sailors like the new shift in uniforms?


No! I was there the same time as you (parents live there) and didn't even know it!

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