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Happy, Happy Birthday !!!!!!!

Helle "Gracie" Berry

Happy birthday, Veteran's Day baby! How appropriate!
Be safe and be well.


Happy birthday to you and happy Veterans' Day to everyone on board. We can't thank you enough for your service!


Happy, happy birthday.

That's very scary about the heat and serve food. Leave it to the military to make mess hall food WORSE! Can we send you care packages???


Happy Birthday, hope you had a great day.
Sorry to hear you have heat & serve food, that is just appalling, considering you are all far from home in active circumstances .....I would have thought the least you would have is good "fresh" food, you have the kitchens, and storage facilities, it's not like the army, where they are on the move all the time !!!!!! what a poop of an idea.


Yes-- sad about the food situation. I had some very memorable meals onboard ships, including my first Thanksgiving in the Navy.

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