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Wow, what an amazing response!


This is beyond wonderful!! I love how the project snowballed to include so many people. YOU rock, Lynne! xoxo


Lynne, It takes a village and you created one. Thank you for allowing me to do a little something for the sailors that do so much.


How neat! Thanks to everyone! I promise as many pictures as I can get - I havne't quite figured out the logistics on my end yet either.

Carol Armstrong

Lynne: It is always amazing what one person with one idea can accomplish. Congratulations. I was honored to participate in this endeavor. Looking forward to more pictures.


WOW! That just brings on a holiday thrill! Not only all the hats etc - but the turn out for the packing - and to a company like DHL for providing the shipping! Where did you get all those bags?!!!

Cathie Jones

Thank you for organizing this and letting us participate in such a great project. And thanks to Wendy for spreading the word.


Wow. I mean, just wow. Knitters rock, but Lynne, you REALLY ROCK!


Wonderful! Knitters and crocheters rock! I was glad to see the note on Wendy's blog so that the word got out to a good-sized audience. You put together a terrific project.

Marion Frazer

lYNNE: Thanks so much for the update...how very exciting and overwhelming in a good way. Yes, knitters are super, no doubt about it. I am so happy to be a small part in a huge ourpouring of love and support.
Knit happy. Marion


What a wonderful project and I'm glad it was such a HUGE success!


Awesome! Just Awesome! Knitters Rock! I'm glad to have been a small part of this. I can hardly wait to see the sailors' responces

Lauren Kowalczewski

HI Lynne and knitters,

Although I wasn't able to participate in this project, I'm so thankful (and not really surprised) that so many warm hearted people joined in.
It just shows you how we care for our own...knowing that those beautiful heads will be covered with love and kind wishes from home.

Lynne, one idea..one person..and look what you've accomplished!

Our Armed Forces are in my prayers every night...along with every American...and especially every knitter!

Genia Potter

I'm so glad I heard about this project on Wendy's blog; it was such fun creating hats for all those wonderful sailor heads. Thank you, Lynne, for doing this and letting us join in.


am so glad that I was able to particpiate and score for (America and) England :-)

what a huge undertaking .. well done to you and your army of helpers!

Arlene Hoose

This was an amazing project you took on.
Thanks for letting us all join in on such
a wonderful gift.

Lisa L.

That is wonderful! I'm so happy I was able to participate!

Priscilla Bouic

Shanti's Mom,you are amazing. Who wouldda thought? What an amazing result from one idea. And the fact that DHL shipped free is totally out of the ballpark -- and the relays of flights this takes to get it all to the right spot.
You could be the CEO of a corporation with all this experience.
Thank you for giving us knitters the opportunity to help, even though my contribution was minimal because of other charity knitting I have been doing.

Happy Holidays.

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