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Shanti's Mom, you continue to amaze me! You rock! Count me in!


Lynne, this is such a wonderful effort! I'm posting it on Ravelry.


Lynne, I was just thinking yesterday that it was time to cast on something for The Ships Project. Will do yours first. I'll time the first hat and give you a rough idea of how many I can churn out -- I have a stash of Wool-Ease. I live relatively near you and can probably get a day off to come help with the packaging closer to the mailing date if you'd like.


What a wonderful idea! I will blog about this tonight!


Are there any restrictions to style, color, type of hat?

Lauren Kowalczewski

HI Lynne,

Our Armed Forces are in my prayers every single night. This is a wonderful undertaking and I would love to be a part of it. I'll shop for some yarn right away!

Lauren in W MI

Arlene Hoose

Hi Lynne
Great idea. Count me in. Send me
a mailing address so I can ship this
to you.


I saw the comment about wool-ease and as an Army mom (x2) I wondered about Navy requirements. Does the Navy have the same requirements as the Army... only 100% wool? The Army requires wool because unlike synthetics or cotton, it doesn't burn or melt once the flame is removed. The requirement is for the soldier's safety.

I hope to get a hat done for you soon. You know, to prove that when I say, "Go Army, Beat Navy" that I still love the sailors! :)


Details on washing instructions? Does it have to be machine wash and dry? I'm guessing hand wash is a problem at sea. I'm having trouble finding yarn. Thanks!


Great idea! I'm so glad I heard about this. I've posted it to my knitting group on Sparkpeople.com


I'm in, too! I'm also sharing this on my blog.


Wool is warmer than acrylics too.

Dawn O

Great Project. My hubby is retirned Navy so I think I will be able to whip a hat or two out before the deadline. Thanks for sharing the project.


Are there color restrictions? Some branches of the service have them...


I'm in! I'll email privately for the mailing address. And I note the requirement for washable wool, so this narrows my stash down to some of the nicest yarns -- which is only appropriate! My husband works at a large military hospital, so I know how much our men and women give in service to our country. A hat is the least we can do for them!


This is the first time I have posted on anyone's blog. I want to let you know that I feel privileged to be able to support the troops in this way. It is a very personal thing to be able to wear a hand made hat. I love the idea of being able to make whatever colors and style we want. This will make each hat that much more special.

I made three hats. Each one has 11 cables. I didn't have a stash of superwash wool because I have just discovered that I am not allergic to it. I went to a LYS and bought one skein last week. I made the hat so quickly that I went back and bought two more. All three are finished.

I found that the skein was $10.00. Nornally, I don't spend that much for charity projects; however this project is something extra special. I agree that is it appropriate to spend money on materials for the people who give so much for us.

I found some Christmas stationery in the garage lately and will be hand writing a note to each recipient on the Christmas paper.

Thank you for organizing this effort.


I am thrilled to be able to help out with this project.

I, too, believe that the sailors deserve our very best. I do quite a bit of charity knitting and usually send things made from acrylic. I purchased three skeins of superwash and was able to get one hat out of each skein.

Thank you for organizing this project.

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