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Love the sock blockers! I had my husband make me some for the same reason - not to block them, but to better show them off on the blog. Have fun at the wedding - you're going to look so impressive in your dress uniform. My Dad was Navy and I loved when he dressed up in his dress whites. Back then they weren't polyester, but were starched so heavily, they crackled when he walked!


You will post a photo of yourself in full dress uniform, I hope? :-)


They have to tell you to wear your underwear right side out?


I'm a Lemming, too. I don't block my socks but I think I need a pair of those blockers anyway, to have. You'll look very impressive in that uniform!!


Thanks for the info on the animal carrier. Also, you'll look awesome in your uniform!! Have fun in Tahoe!


Wow, that uniform is IMPRESSIVE. You're going to look smashing! (And, yeah, you'd better show pictures.)

And--you know, of course, what a shock I had at the name of the Ebay seller, right??


So will you be sporting the tiara? We always got a giggle over that, and always resisted wearing them. Thank the Lord.


Ahhh, come on . . . her mom was really looking forward to the tiara. She had one when she was little and she was really cute!

The Purloined Letter

What a great outfit to get to wear!


If you are driving through Elk Grove or Sacramento, there is a GREAT lys in Elk Grove, called Knitique. It reminds me a little of knit happens. Friendly staff, great selection of yarns. The owners name is Danielle.

Enjoy your vacation,



LOVE the uniform! I hope you do post a picture. Have a wonderful trip!

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