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I hope you have some spare needles with you.

I don't even understand how big that platform is.


OMG that thing is .............. I can't find the right word! It's just BIG!

What are you knitting. Love the colors.


I have the most amazing knack for sitting on knitting needles -- I've had to switch over to aluminum and get used to straightening them regularly. I tried steel needles but those HURT when sat upon!

Is it a sock? Is there enough needle left that you can refinish one of the broken ends? I sanded a broken bit of an ebony needle and use it as a cable needle now. It doesn't slip out of the stitches.


Oh no! Poor needle! I hope you have a spare.


I hate when that happens!


But I know which I think it prettier!


YIKES!!! and yikes!

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