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Family visits are great, but they can be exhausting as you try to fit in everrything to have a good time.
Sorry to hear about your friend, chemo can be not too bad at times and AWFUL at other stages, the nausea and tiredness are epic sometimes.
A friend went thru this and said sucking slowly on a "slushie" ice drink can help when the drugs are going in, stops mouth ulcers or something, she found being able to knit or crochet helped pass the treatment time and gave something good to focus on whenever she was too tired or sick to do anything else.
The skin can be very sensitive when the hair comes out, so use only very soft, comfy yarn for the hats, and crazy, fun yarn for socks to wear when she has to sit still for treatments.You feel the cold overall when you loose the hair, so maybe some scarves or a few cowls would also be a good idea.

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