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Shanti's Mom

Shanti I absolutely LOVE it! You should be able to use that new hair styler thingie you bought in TX to style it for work. Have fun with your new "look".


Wow! You should have posted a warning at the start of your post! Good thing I was sitting down! :-)

I LOVE it -- it's so cute, and so flattering. You look wonderful with hair that length! I hope you'll love it too after you get used to it -- quite a shock, I know.

Beverly Laughlin

Shanti, I like your new style! I understand the shock; in college I went from waist length hair to above the shoulder, and only my room-mate knew the plans ahead of time. Friends didn't recognize me, and I had to re-learn brushing my hair, as I was used to much longer strokes!

I'm one of the ones who found your site through Wendy. I also count for a lot of the page hits, because I've been reading through your archives. Hope I haven't messed up your bandwidth...


It looks great!!! I wish my hair would look that good at that length, I would never let it grow if it did. Good job picking the right do.


Shanti, the new hair is FABULOUS! It's very flattering - highlights your eyes and the shape of your face - and, if you don't mind my saying so, much more sophisticated than your former 'do. I bet it will look good curly, too.

Well done!


Love the new 'do! You look so...grown up.


It looks fabulous! Coming from a pretty much life-long short-haired person, trust me, you'll start to wonder why you didn't do it earlier. It really looks awesome, and so chic!


It's adorable!

I got my hair cut short, and colored, on Monday. We will out-fabulous everyone on Saturday.


I think it looks fabulous! Very professional, very chic. And, really, not too short, honestly. Except that, having long hair myself, I know that it FEELS like it's really short--but it looks great!


Very nice! The new haircut is cute, sophisticated and very flattering.

Warrior Knitter

Love the new hair style. It'll take some getting used to, getting the hang of styling short hair and the way you look now when you see yourself?


Oh, I like it. Your hair is beautiful long, but this cut brings your hair and face into balance. Fun, with sizzle and brains.

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