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What awesome colors! I love the sage and purples . . . but the bottom picture looks different from the braided sample. The white gives it real contrast. The sage is a little more to the "olive" side but still very pretty.

The blue and gray is great, the oranges/green incredible and I think the munchkin would love the apple green/pink/yellow blend. You are really getting creative. Where the heck did you get that? Not from me I can guarantee.


I think you got a broader range of colors than I have ever seen before from people dyeing with Kool-Aid. I'd been toying with the idea, your post just sealed it. I really like the mint green and brown and your blue/grey combinations.

The Purloined Letter

Beautiful! I especially love the green.

Dyeing is now next on my project list, I think! Thanks for the inspiration.


Not surprisingly, I love the greens. Even you're dying process is organized (however, I must admit publicly that last week I seriously contemplated cataloging my yarn ala Shanti. Never fear, it was just a passing thought.)! Do you think the ratio of dye to yarn gave produced the rich, deep colors?


Awesome!! I really like the colorway you made that you plan to give to your mom. Stunning!!!


Fantatic blends of colours, Shanti!

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